TRAFFIDECK™ GO Transportation Flooring Solutions

TRAFFIDECK™ GO offers a portfolio of innovative transportation flooring solutions, which are tailored to a broad range of transportation requirements.

Benefits of TRAFFIDECK™ GO

  • Load securing and reduced hazards: through its anti-slip feature, it helps secure loads during transport
  • Increased durability and protection: helps extend the lifespan of trailers, vehicles and containers
  • Reduced turnaround time: positively impacts productivity by increasing the efficiency of loading and unloading
  • Freedom of engineering and design: formulated for flexibility, it provides manufacturers the freedom of engineering and design

TRAFFIDECK™ GO Transportation Flooring Solutions by Dow

TRAFFIDECK™ GO saves time

TRAFFIDECK™ GO for a seamless floor

Low-Bed Trailers

TRAFFIDECK™ GO System for Low-bed trailers offers a flexible coating. Its anti-slip surface and high abrasion resistance combines excellent durability and high protection for your trailer with a high friction coefficient to help facilitate load securing.

Road Cargo

The TRAFFIDECK™ GO flooring system structures and processes are tailored to meet your flooring needs and transportation requirements. TRAFFIDECK™ GO solutions can be applied to trailer and container flooring made from wood, steel or aluminium substrates. 


We look forward to welcoming you in our TRAFFIDECK™ GO Centers across Europe where you can coat your vehicle with TRAFFIDECK™ GO Transportation Flooring Solutions by Dow and benefit from the multiple advantages of this technology.

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