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During the expansion to Europe in 1952, Dow chose Zurich as the location for its first European sales office. Today, Dow is represented by an ample network of 37 manufacturing sites in 15 countries in the EMEAI region and contributed with annual sales of 12.9 billion in 2021 to Dow’s overall turnover. At our EMEAI-Headquarters in Horgen we employ people focusing on Business Management, Marketing & Sales, Finance, HR, Law and Communications.

We consider inclusion and diversity as a source of competitive advantage. We welcome the differing experiences, backgrounds and perspectives our employees bring, and rely on those differences to fuel innovation. We are committed to building a vibrant, diverse and talented employee base, and invest in our employee’s growth and development as part of Dow's inclusive global community. In line with our commitment to community success, Dow builds on partnerships with local NGO’s and organizations that drive inclusion to benefit the greater community.

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Are you a secondary school pupil and motivated to learn a profession? As an international company Dow offers interested and enthusiastic secondary school leavers with our diversified apprenticeship program promising future prospects in the commercial environment.

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